About The Irish Advocacy Network

The Irish Advocacy Network Ltd is an island-wide, independent, mental health organisation led by people with personal experience of mental health difficulties. Our services promote recovery by offering advocacy, information and support to clients. Our ultimate aim is to enable people with mental health difficulties to self-advocate; in other words supporting them in having their voice heard, grow in confidence and claim their rights:

To speak up, speak out and take back and take control of their own lives!

The Irish Advocacy Network Ltd is one of very few organisations in Ireland involved in mental health whose purpose was determined by people with mental health problems. To ensure a quality service and remain true to our roots, it is essential that our advocacy staff successfully complete specialist training designed by people with mental health difficulties.  We work with clients in a non-advisory capacity and we cannot take up any issue unless asked to do by the client. We operate a self-referral system although, in certain circumstances, we will engage with potential clients when family, friends, mental health professionals indicate that someone may benefit from our service.

Because our advocates have self-experience, they have a strong affinity and a notable ability to be empathetic towards clients.  We believe our advocates are examples of recovery and recovered persons and therefore act as symbols of hope and inspiration to clients.

The Irish Advocacy Network Ltd also offers opportunities for volunteering, provides training to mental health service users, family members and professionals and has facilitated and led a number of projects, including evaluations and surveys.