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The Irish Advocacy Network Ltd was set up to offer peer advocacy services throughout the island of Ireland. Peer advocates are people who have experienced mental health difficulties and having achieved a sufficient level of recovery, complete an accredited training course. Once they qualify they work with an existing peer advocate before engaging their own clients. Thus, peer advocates are in a unique position to understand the difficulties and problems faced by people with mental health difficulties.

We have peer advocates working in the majority of counties throughout the island of Ireland and we regularly meet people in acute psychiatric units, training centers, day centers and day hospitals etc. We can meet people in the community. Peer advocacy is not about judging people or telling them what to do. Indeed our primary purpose is to provide information, choice and support to people experiencing mental health difficulties, enabling them to take control of their lives. The Irish Advocacy Network Ltd., also offers peer advocacy training, volunteer training, and user-support meetings If you want to get in touch with us immediately click Here
Other services we offer include:

Staff awareness training, family awareness training, full-scale audits of services, pilot nursing module at DCU, group facilitation and strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation










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